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slept for 10hours straight. if seen the spam on facebook, twitter, instag, you probably know why and what this post gonna be all about. and it's gonna be a loooong one. pretty informative if you are planning to go there anytime.

i know everyone may think that it's a childish place for kiddos like what we thought but surprisingly we spent the 7hours there pretty well. maybe it brings out the inner child in one. really quite a good place for a family visit or with your friends. 4/8/12 pax to go would be the best choice since a number of attractions are catered to 4/ride.

the entrance was at THE BEGINNING
but to avoid the crowd at the toilet we moved on to LEGO TECHNIC first.

tried out two rides over at Lego Technic - Project X and Aquazone Wave Racers.
was drizzling at the start but thank goodness the weather cleared up for our beloved sun. 

Project X is probably one of the two more exciting roller coaster rides available there. each cart can sit up to 4people. the first row would be the best seats. 

AWR is pretty much about steering your cart in and out while it spins like a merry-go-round, trying to avoid the waterbombs/sprinklers triggered by the audience. interesting ride. the best part is experiencing yourself being fling out while the thing is spinning. lol.

we moved on to LEGO KINGDOM afterwards.
tried out another two roller coaster rides - Dragon's Apprentice and The Dragon.

Dragon's Apprentice is more mild, suitable for younger kids. pretty much like the one Escape theme park had at the entrance. but it moves pretty fast too so you can just enjoy the wind if it's no kick to you. 

The Dragon is the other more exciting roller coaster ride of the whole legoland. best seats would definitely be the last row. 

we took all the more exciting rides at least thrice and got to try the first and last rows since there wasn't any crowd. so trust me when i say which are the best seats. ^^

moving onto IMAGINATION.

had lunch afterwards over at Pizza Mania. possibly one of the few food&drinks store that is indoor and has airconditioning. thank goodness we chose that and not others before we melt under the sun. 

ordered the family pizza combo for 58RM. Aloha Chicken pizza. 8slices in total. combo comes with 4soup and 4soda. that's why i say travel in pax of 4 is the best. ordered another carbonara pasta under kids meal.
aloha chicken taste pretty much like hawaiian pizza. both pizza and pasta tasted pretty good. or maybe we were too hungry then. the only issue is the salty brocolli soup. 

caught the 4D Movie Experience. 
there are four different movies available with intervals of 25minutes in between. we only managed to watch one of the four given our schedule. the seats in the middle would be advised but prepare to get wet. :) 

tried another two attractions over there - Observation Tower and Kids Power Tower.

Observation Tower is pretty much like the one we had at Sentosa. 

Kids Power Tower requires you to pull your own weight plus the seats up with the rope. basically it's like competing see who reaches the top first. then you release the rope and the seat will drop down, and you start pulling again. i swear this should be called the 自讨苦吃 attraction. you are just hurting your palm. and gain some arm muscles.

headed down to LAND OF ADVENTURE.
tried out another two rides - Dino Island and Lost Kingdom

Dino Island is the typical crash into water ride that is a must in all theme parks. luckily we prepared our ponchos or prepare to be dripping wet. 

Lost Kingdom is a laser shooting game where the four of you just shoot at green circles throughout the ride and the cart records your individual scores. satisfy our shooting cravings.

LEGOCITY afterwards.
tried Rescue Academy and Legoland Express

Rescue Academy is about teamwork. four person per truck and compete against others to see who gets to 'put out the fire' and get back to the starting line first. the way to move the vehicle is to pump the engine in coordination. and it's not easy to pump man. this is another one of the 'gain arm muscle' attraction.

Legoland Express is a train that takes you around the park. a good attraction to chill.

miniature models of different countries. the best place for some photo-taking.

that pretty much concludes our day at Legoland. feet aching after walking for the whole day.
dinner over at Dontaku @ CitySquare JB.

too hungry for any shots of our ramen. only the free flow salad. 
the ramen's pretty good. and the atmosphere of the place as well. decent prices.

that's all for the day. 
been a while since i've spend so much time on a post. 

photo credits to various sources and our own.


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